A Chartered Planner Joins IFA Continuum in St Albans


What is Continuum?

Continuum is a national financial adviser firm based in Plymouth.

Who is James Barber?

James Barber is a Chartered Financial Planner who recently joined Continuum’s St Albans office. He has experience as a Paraplanner and achieved Chartered status five years ago.

What sets Continuum apart from other financial adviser firms?

Continuum provides support to its advisers through administrative and compliance teams, an online portal, and weekly education information. It also allows advisers to select the most appropriate products for their clients’ needs without pressure to push products from specific suppliers.


James Barber’s addition to the Continuum team in St Albans brings more expertise and experience to the firm. With a focus on providing tailored financial advice to clients in north London and Hertfordshire, his Chartered status and background as a Paraplanner make him a valuable asset. Continuum’s commitment to putting clients first and providing a supportive environment for its advisers sets it apart in the financial advisory industry.

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